Career Insights in the Changing Era

Author: Michelle Feng

Recently, quite some friends approached and asked me about how to choose the majors for their children in the universities? Meanwhile there’re also a few young friends who were just started their early career. They confused where to go next. There are no easy decisions. Have been working many years in human resource function and as consult in hunting firms, I do reflect a lot after seeing so many cases and reflect my own career tracks. I’d like to tell two stories first.

STEM or not STEM? Some follow the very practical and popular major which easy to find a job, for example, to get to one of the STEM majors which makes it easy to find a job and get big money as well. However a friend of mine has graduated from Electrical Engineering Major which he not interested at all. After working as an engineer and a leader for 20 years of technical support function, when he lost the job at his 40’s, he has no idea what to do although he had ever a quite good editor in the university’s campus magazine. On the other hand, one friend has followed her heart to enter English literature major in a private L&A school but facing an awkward situation that she has very limited options but an editor of a small English magazine with low salary and no idea where to go further. She thought it would have been a better choice if she had jumped into public health.  

It is not the question of the major of the university. It is a question of self insight and understanding the society’s needs. It is a question keep going, of continuous e learning and pursuing the trends. 

There’s another story about journalist. The hostess’ name is Weiwei Hu. She became the billionaire when she successfully sold her company Mo-bike. And before that she has been a very senior journalist regarding transportation. She has ever journalist of some good magazines, such as Daily Economy News, The new Beijing news, Business Value, and Geick Park. While, it is not a regular way to be success for most people. However, hundred of thousand journalists and editors have left traditional media and join the e-platform media or self-operation media. Some of them made themselves millionaires, still most work as a decent regular job. 

I have a friend who majored in Mechanical Engineering which he didn’t like much he realized afterwards. After graduate, he found a job of human resource trainee. Afterwards he has keeping working in this field and keep learning medical knowledge which he realize he has passion. Then it nurtured him a lot in his HR career. 

Life is a journey. A journey of learning, doing and selecting. It is a fast changing era.There is a fitting career and workplace for everyone out there; you just need to look in the right places. It should be shaped upon thoroughly understanding one’s unique attributes, interests and life goals in order to guide himself to lead to a happier and a more satisfying career path. 

By the end, career insight is a topic on how to use one’s talents to meet the society’s needs, which is a process of one’s self-development. 

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