Process Technology Manager
欧洲知名化工公司 Budget:200k-280k

Main Responsibilities:

2.Make recommendations to adjust the parameters (within the boundariesdefined by RBM-PTE (RBM: Rechargeable Battery Material; PTE: Process Technology& Engineering) to maintain a steady condition of production and a goodproduct quality.

4.Assist RBM-PTE in conducting all technology transfer (new products orchange of lines), qualification trials for products or raw materials andchanges of process (MOC) at JUC

6.Participate to the identification and solution of quality problems (VOC)related to process and the implementation of the resulting controls

7.Coordinate the process activities in different location and put in placeall the needed              QMS document under RBM-QM guideline.

1.Master or bachelor degree with more than 5 years working experience inchemical or materials engineering

2.Ability to learn and understand JUC production process and productcharacteristics

3.Good analytical and problem-solving skills, understanding of statisticalmethods

4.Experienced in project management, is able to complete the project asper deadline / quality request, by taking lead of execution and making cleardecision

6.Ability to operate in a matrix structure in contact with different Dpts

7.Good Communication skill

8.People management, leadership skills

9.Positive work attitude

10.Fluent speaking and writing English

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