Consultant assistant
Rm 3708, No. 3000 Zhongshan Road (N), Shanghai

Job Responsibility:

1. Analyzed the position requirements of clients, assisted the consultants in formulating talent search plans and put them into practice

2. Visit and master candidate information through various channels according to customer needs

3. Communicate job information with candidates, conduct preliminary screening and evaluation, recommend to consultants for further interview, and sort out candidate recommendation reports.

4. Summarized and classified customer information, position information, candidates' resumes and other information into the company system, and established and updated the industry talent database



1. Bachelor degree or above, good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing

2. Excellent communication and understanding ability, quick learning ability, willing to accept new things.

3. Proactive, practical and results-oriented.

4. Proficient in office software.

As an internationalized HR and business solution provider, Zongfen is committed in building an efficient and professional consulting team to provide our clients with recruitment, human resources and business consulting services in China and around the world; we, as a typical “learning” company are constantly striving to create value for our customers and become your long-term partner.